Last week we had gone to a ware-house store around here. As is the norm, I was cruising and was looking for a parking space in a pretty crowded parking lot (at least seems so, in this part of the US). DS, fully engaged, told me to stop and said a parking spot is becoming free. His reasoning was that a man had his trunk open and was “setting things in the trunk”. From then, he pretty much had a play-by-play commentary going – “he has closed the trunk, has gotten into the car, reversing (since the rear-reverse lights came on) and then away and now you could park there…”. We thought it was a quite a good catch – basically drawing a logical consequence of what could happen based on symptoms, that one sees.

Today, we had another fun incident. DS wanted something bad – let us say, choice A (over B). And we wanted B. Since we had a conflict, we decided that we will use the time-tested Indian way of “writing it down in a piece of paper and roll it and pick one” method of choosing. DS was all excited and picked the first time – disappointing – it was B. Then again – B. He started to notice the patterns on the paper. Then after 3-4 times, it was B all the time, by which time he was pretty much figured out. He said – “Appa, you have written B on both and you are cheating”… That again, was a good catch. Actually, prior to writing on the piece of paper, I had sent him to another room on the pretext that he should not be peeking and had told DW that I’m going to write “B” on both bits of paper. DW commented, it would be great if he could catch the cheating. And he did… Again, drawing a conclusion based on patterns of events he sees.

Good logical sequencing !