Non-Expression is not same as non-emotion !

We had an incident that happened two days ago closer to home. Summary: A guy who got stressed out at work, got a gun, shot around 10 people at his work place (3 fatalities), and then drove his get-a-way car, abandoned it ~4miles from the incident spot, got into the parking lot of our (DD) company, shot a woman wounding her in attempt to car-jack that failed. He was at large for about 24hrs after which he was found and shot dead.

The thing about this was, the suspect's work-place is about 1.5mi west of our home, and my work-place (where the attempted car-jack happened) is about 4mi south-east of our home and DS's school is about 2mi south. When the incident happened and the police were trying to find him, we were all stuck in limbo...
- DS was in the school-bus that got stuck in traffic near school and turned around. We (DW and I) weren't sure how to bring him back, since I had taken the car to work. But, fortunately, the bus itself dropped DS in an hour
- I could not get out of work, since there was a lock-down, since our company wanted us not to get out until the suspect was caught or the perimeter was safe enough to get to the car.
- 5hrs later, we were all evacuated since the police wanted to search our premises if the suspect was able to get in.

so, all in all a stressful day for all of us.

DS was quite worried about the safety of me, car when I was at work, and then as a family when we were all home. He was watching to the TV news to see if the suspect was getting caught.

I was quite concerned about DS's reaction and the stress. I had sent a note to his school asking if they'd have some counselling facilities and how they'd manage student's stress. I had talked to his class teacher about it. He had said that at school, they will talk about it as a class and see if any further counselling is required.

This is what I got from the class teacher today.
Just wanted to let you know that DS did fine today. He was a bit wound up but we expected it. We did have a class discussion about yesterday and he shared with his class how scared he was about being close to the first situation and then your being at He told us that he cried when he heard you call on the phone as were alright. He thought it was special time for the two of you being together last night as well. I think you know, he loves you deeply!
Was so touched and overwhelmed ! Yet another proof that debunks the fallacy. Definitely, the inability is around expression; not love.