A Precious Birth Day Gift

The following (between the lines :-)) is the narration from DS's mother who was with him, when they both went shopping for my (DD's) birthday gift.
 DS and I decided to surprise DD by getting a gift for his Birthday; DS felt quite happy about the enterprise and a bit excited. I really wasn't sure how he will actually do the shopping and how much scaffolding he'd require.

One evening, when  DD was out, we decided to go to a nearby Target store. However, we needed to take care of something; DD has a habit of asking DS about his day before calling it a night. We decided that we will tell DD we are going across to the shop to get roll of quarters, which is something we frequently do, for our bus-fares.

Once that was set,  DS told me, that he would like to buy a shirt for DD. He checked with me the size. At the store, DS went to the Men's shirt section; and then it was a revelation to me, how much he engaged and present he was. He shared that DD prefers half sleeves to full sleeves; so the first target was half-sleeves. Browsing, DS saw some T-Shirts and commented that his dad has many similar shirts, so ruled that out. Next step was, the half sleeves shirt place, checked the size of each shirt indulging in self-talk ("Dad doesn't like this color much,, he already has a shirt in this color, etc etc").  And finally chose one shirt.

I told DS it is my turn to buy the gift from sport section, as we walked through the aisle; again, DS was very engaged as we walked past shelves of sports equipment - he observed and connected sporting likes of  DD:  shared DD doesn't play basket ball, DD already has weights and proposed that we buy tennis balls. I counter proposed that we buy from Golf section as DD started playing Golf recently; and finally settled on some Golf stuff.

It was very heart warming to see  DS engaged in the whole process of getting a shirt for DD; and also very engaged in the process of me choosing a gift. Thinking about DD and his likes/preferences, the whole time was so amazing and would be a cherished memory ! To top it all,  that night during his prayers DS was  thankful for going to get roll of quarters at a different store ! :-). He was savvy enough not to give out what he present he got, in spite of his dad asking him (and wondering aloud) what his birthday gift might be.

I'm so awe-struck with DS's choice of shirt and how he came to it - how much engaged and present he was and his thoughtful-ness ! I've been wearing the shirt two-days in a row :-) Will post the picture sometime!

A present of Cricket bat at age of 8: Rs.20/-
A night out with friends at the age of 25: Rs.1500/-
A present from my son now: Priceless !!! 

Update: Here is the pic of the shirt...