Subjectivity Cycle - Part 2

Earlier had written about Subjectivity Cycle. Posting about this and discussing it in some other forum I have a bit more clarity on it.

RDI for us is still very key, since I believe its the one that does set-ups the structure (or functions) or lays the first foundation of "myelination", ie the first "conscious" way of creating pathways for the brain to recognize a function. And then comes the connections with various other methods (Enki, art forms etc) and elimination of inhibitors through SI.

The Subjectivity cycle is to give him a view through labs, that different perspectives exists for different people. Although there exists specific description of a baseball (contour, color, size - basically quantitative/objective), there is another subjective view to the same ball by different people (the color is not my choice, the ball is too small for my hand, the stitches are too obvious for me - basically qualitative/subjective).

That is what we are trying through those RDI-objectives in the Subjectivity cycle; ie:
=> A ball can be perceived differently
=> I've an emotional answer to my perception (like, don't like, don't care)
=> The emotion, however can subside/change over a period
=> based on that change, i can re-draw my subjectivity (able to live with the issues, start liking it etc)
=> and the change could drive a new perception

The intent is to see if lay a foundation to an appropriate appraisal function, rather than inappropriate ones (like fear, need to have things static etc). Hopefully this would lead to the causal analysis. We are figuring out the RDI labs around those "phases"; and then (hopefully) use the Making-the-connections thing with Enki, stories, playacting etc to further make the connections.

Hope I'm making sense !

ps: We are finding it tough to have the "don't care" emotion come through.

War of the Roses !

This is not about the famous Danny De Vito's movie. Sometimes, both DW and DS will get into a tiff. DW will have reached a tether's end and DS would simply not want to do what the day's plan was. DW, usually patient (unusually patient for normal parents, if I may add) on a certain day would be on a short fuse.

As a DD/DH, I mostly would be without a clue - if its right to intervene and go with the flow or if I should help one of them to get out of that space, so that constructive dialog could start again. Last week, there was one such day. So after all the "fight", DS very tired crashed early on our bed. Later on, when I woke him up to move him to his bed, he went seeking his Mom, half-asleep to tell her "Sorry" and told her so. Further, he explained he is apologizing to his mom, since he had troubled her throughout the day !! This I believe, was such a moment of joy in a day of despair for DW.

It is one another proof of that there is normal emotional thought running through these kids, inspite of such behaviour tantrums. Leads me to believe more so, those behaviour are due to some overloads on their senses resulting from some eco-system "noises". Their need to react at an emotional level is getting submerged within the noises. Why would he resurface his emotional thought, after a brief calming ?

In any case and perhaps on a tangent, there is a news article recently, that confirms what is perhaps already know. That the IQ of these kids cannot be measured using the normal IQ tests administered to NT kids.

"Investment" explained...

Earlier in this post, I had talked about securing DS's financial future to some extent. I had gone ahead with the Tata-AIG Mahalife plan for him last month with first premium payment on the right day, where the stars and planets were aligned !

Cut to the past. Whenever we talked to DS about buying some real estate, he always used to get perturbed about it to an extent. His worry was that he likes the current place that we are staying and buying real estate implies we will shift to that and he did not want it. We did not have much success in trying to explain that it was for "investment".

Cut to two days ago. I had told him that I have done something for him and he would get a certain amount of money monthly and wondered what he would do with it. He said, when he does not need it, he would give it to "amma" and when he needs it he would take it back from her. I had to pounce on the opportunity and told him that exactly what we do with the money; when we don't need it we "put" money either in bank or real-estate etc. And when we need it, we ask the bank to give it back or give the real-estate away and get the money back.

"Investment explained - QED" :-)