The Future, Imagined (by self !)...

DS is doing a project for the school - he needs to prepare 10 slides on when he grows up, what job would he want...

Here is his list that he came up with:
  1. He wants to stuff cotton in a pillow factory (this has been his dream since a kid - i.e., to have a pillow factory, now I think he realizes he cannot be a "manager", so he wants to be "stuffer", because he has done that at home). And of course, he wants to drive cars helping people to go from one place to another.
  2. He wants to help old people. He pointed out that,  "I help thatha (his grand-dad), I would like to help old people"
  3. He wants to teach kids - on what is right and what is wrong. "I want to teach young kids"
  4. "I want to help kids who have no parents. I want to work in the orphanage, where kids dont have parents and help those kids"
Somewhere, he has a great, and importantly kind, heart ! I hope his kindness gets rewarded by the Gods.