Our Intentions for DS

I had been to a seminar two weeks ago, run by an long-time educator, by name Dr.Jean Schweitzer. Her blog is at this place. Her email is also available there. She has also written couple of books around how movement is neccessary for children to learn. There is something that Dr.Jean asked me during the seminar, that continued to stay in my mind. "What do we intend for our son ?" - So DM and I thought about it. We thought it might be good for us to do the 9 codes (movement) talking through the following (not verbatim but something like that):

1. Heart Code: The possibilities are endless for what DS could become. He has great sense of humor, highly sensitive, cares for people and enjoys company of people who can reflect him. He likes to be happy and keep people around him happy.

2. Focus: He could have been like every other kid or he could have been very different - but he is what he is today

3. Express: We enjoy him for what he is and love him very deeply. He is our healer. He give us joy with his actions and his care. He is loved by his extended family. As he is fortunate to have all of this, we are fortunate to have him. 

4. Expand: We can worry about several what ifs. But we will work on one 'what if': on visioning that DS would have a happy life ahead of him. Regardless of what he is, he will live independently, will have a family on his own that would be supportive of him and sensitive to him as he would be to them.

5. Align: He would be happy and at peace at himself, like that indelible image in my (DD) mind of his flips inside the water; or the image of his peaceful face in the swing with the soft instrumental in teh background.

6. Eliminate: We are not going to let fear cloud our intentions

7. Create: We will create environment for him to learn on skills and knowledge that will help him in his journey and live a life beyond us.

8. Transform: In this environment and with the intentions of being an enabler for DS, we will look to change our lives, working with DS in a positive way.

9. Integrate: We are certain that we will have Providence in our corner, showing us the way and give us the fortitude to bring the intentions and actions together, at end of which our intentions for DS bears fruit.

DM and I plan to do the 9 codes ourselves saying those words.