And yes, he can relax !!

There was thing with my DS. Whenever, we tell him to close his eyes, he could not actually close them - he would shut his eyelids, tightly - so much so that his forehead would be burrowed and we can see the crow's feet around the corner of his eyes.

We have started a new "thing" for him - the rhythm, based on "waldorf" like program. As a part of the rhythm, we play some really soothing music in the background and get him to swing in a cane chair (a kind of swing); sometime we gently swing him as the music plays in the background. After the (SI kind) morning walk, this is the part of his rhythm.

I've been noticing this for a while, but now I see he does this more often; today as the swing was going back and forth and with "gokulathil kanna, kanna" (a tamil song with classical overtone), he laid back his head on the backrest of the swing and closed his eyes gently, listening to the song. No burrows in the forehead and no crows-feet...

...The noise around and in his own head seemed to have minimized. Oh yes, he can relax !!!

The number moment !

The summer is usually a great time for DS. He loves to splash in water and he is learning to swim this summer. Its not been easy, but he is persevering with it...

But the champagne moment came a few days ago. We are using some of his "would-love-to-do" activities to teach him the concept of money. The principle behind is that he needs to pay us for him to do some activities. We have a open "box" with three partitions with Rs.5/-, Rs.2/- and Re.1/- coins in them - the coin pile is also labeled. And he needs to pay out my DW or I. for frolic in the pool. Or any such activities that he loves.

Couple of days ago, as I was rocking him in the swing, as a part of his rhythm, I told him that the day was a "cost" day; that is he needs to pay for his activities. I told him that he needs to pay for pool and Oral-mathematics (where he does word sums denoting multiplication or addition with my DW).

Pat came his reply - "Appa, Oral-math is so expensive, I cannot afford it" !

And we went :) ;) ;) ;) ;) :) for nearly a week !!! :)

Making the connections...

As a part of the programs we run for DS, we tell read him a lot of stories, from various books. The intent behind that is that as he hears the stories, he starts making "connections" between various characters, situations, settings etc to what he himself sees, feels and experiences in his own life on a daily basis. Basically, the intent is to get him to think and draw parallels. And then perhaps, he starts seeing the similarities and differences.

I've been thinking as to how to make this tool more effective. I do know that the connections are at different levels.
  1. The first being physical, factual. Things that are tangible and are relating to the senses - can be seen, heard, touched, smelt etc.
  2. The second is emotions - he is able to connect up to the emotions expressed by the characters in the stories.
  3. The third level is abstract - he is able to reason a bit - as to why the character in the story felt the emotions in the way that s/he did. Kind of causal thinking
  4. The last level being connection to self - experiential - as to how he is able to connect the characters/settings/situations to his own experiences and what he learns out of it.
Deriving from above categorization (my own, so dont sue me :) ), I have modeled the levels and making the connections (the ones labeled "recall through") as below (click on the picture to blow it up):

Today, we are kind of labeling the details in the stories to one of these levels, with an hope that we can effectively highlight some of it by weaving it in our activities and programs. The good news is, our DS is able to do 1 and 2 to some extent. Draw parallels at level 1 and to some extent in Level 2. The L3 and L4 are going to be challenging... I believe if he can start doing L3, then the L4 would naturally follow. Fun, happy and frustrating times ahead !!