Chasing (away) the Dreams

When did DS get his first dream? I'm not sure though DS expressed his dream experiences to DD when he was kindergartner, “picture comes while sleeping.” DD explained all of us gets pictures while sleeping called 

We would talk about our dreams, mostly DS got good dreams. It would be as simple as he went in his favorite car or met a favorite person etc., very rarely DS got a bad dream that made him anxious, like the buildings near our house were destroyed. DS would go on and on to check if it would happen. It took time for DS to understand dreams won’t become 

Since last year, DS gets both good and bad dreams equally, affecting his morning routines. If DS gets a good dream he would not want to get up because he did not want to let go of those feelings. If he gets a bad dream he would not want to get up as he was feeling very sad and anxious the whole day repeatedly saying, “my memory is all mixed up; I have only bad memories, all my good memories are gone.”

I was wondering if his increased awareness causing more bad dreams or if he is having difficulty in regulating his feelings or is his memory going blank because he is stressed or his emotional state connecting to all similar experiences.

DS was having hard time to articulate his dreams especially the bad ones DS would share the good ones towards the end of the day, gradually DS started sharing the bad dreams when he was relaxed. Explaining the dreams are not real was not helping 

As DS started sharing more of his bad dreams, I figured those were related to very unpleasant situations, which DS want to avoid completely (made rules DS expressed the thought or talking about those makes him feel very shaky. I explained when he experiences unpleasant situation in dream, he considers it bad dreams. He can have neutral vibes for those experiences if he can associate the emotional memory to have a positive base memory ( If he has a positive base memory for those experiences it will neither be a good nor bad dream. 

This struck a chord with DS, since then DS seemed to have learnt to chase away his bad dreams.