Summer 2012 (a late post though) !

This Summer we wanted our goal to "create a sense of wonder  and  curiosity while learning" as DS is very open to accept novelty and face uncertainty, which evolved to a great experience where both myself and DS are learning continuously, which I believe will be the stepping stone, to be a curious learner.

  1. We decided to start each day with something new or fresh, and revise what we have done previously, so information overload is less.
  2. Guiding DS to wonder, with all the wonder questions, when, where, who, which, what, etc., resulting in understanding the underlying things.  The same principle for life situations, movies, reading 
  3. Breaking a concept to many simple things, explaining each, relating to some experience what DS knows or 
  4. Be aware of DS emotions, when overwhelmed guiding him to take a break. DS initially did not want to take break as he thought time out or break is a punishment, DS understands the purpose of time out to calm ourselves so we get back on 
  5. Guiding him to do a work at lower level, when he finds the higher level difficult, which gives DS self-confidence.
  6. Exploring – trying different ways to finish, like train model, figuring how to play a new game, shopping, finding a place using maps 
  7. Independent – During summer school, guiding him to make his own breakfast, lunch etc, plan his time, calendar and follow 
  8. Responsible – Encouraging him to take initiative, to do any family work in daily routine on his 
  9. His Physical activity with Master Jay gone to next level, which is getting more challenging, which is similar to going to next grade.
  10. DS is now getting, it takes more time to understand certain things, but he is more aware that the time taken these days is getting less!!! DS is motivated to learn and try his best.
This was a good summer; although there wasn't a sense of euphoria amongst both of us (DD & DM) like the summer of 2011, we realized, this was the summer of building. Like in a cricket match, once you have a great start to the innings, we need the middle order to build on it - more diligently, deliberately and consciously. Without Dravid's workman-like hard work, Sehwag's top of the order flamboyance would be of naught ! ;-) This summer was the middle-order work. We are sure, it will set him up for the win !