Ideas at the intersection of white space !

Here is a new one from DS.

In high school he needs to take electives - in the 9th grade, he took 3D design, in the 10th std Art-work and currently in the 11th (junior year)  he is doing computer applications. For next year (12th) he did not choose any of these but has opted for "choir singing".

When I asked him why he didn't choose computer applications again, he said that he has already experienced that and he wants to have new experiences. And added the kicker - 'only if I have more experiences, I will have more ideas on what to do"...

Whoever said ideas exist in the white-space between various faculties !!! :-)

{Btw, we ourselves are not sure - should we be ok with him taking Choir-singing or ask him to continue with Computer application; while Computer applications may make him more employable, we are wondering if singing could be his calling - since of late, he has shown interest in learning movies songs and singing along with them... When talking to another friend of mine, he pointed out to a very relevant fact too - thus far the electives has been individual, where as the Choir singing is a team activity - may be there is an internal method to why DS chose singing to other individual stuff... Thoughts ? }