Bracing for Braces...

Last friday, we went in for braces for DS. We have slowly gotten him to this part with some preparation:
  • Do massage of his teeth and gums (with fingers)
  • Some dental clean-up taking him to the dentist and photographing those
  • Prep for braces by the Orthodontist - by having an elastic band tied to his teeth four weeks ago and then some metal rings three weeks ago.
I also had to tell him that I wore braces when I was a kid. Also, had pointers to three people that he knows that have worn or wearing braces. And also how tough it was for me and them to cope up with the pain, whereas he has been brave.

So far, not much issues - he has complained of some pain - have applied the gel that the doc had given him and also crocin. He has been settling down. Due to grace from the one up above, we are not having much of an issue (touch wood); I tend to believe that there is some enduring (and endearing) fortitude in these kids that we cannot really fathom !

He is also looking forward to the fact that after September (when he believes the braces would be off), he is going to be much more handsome ! We have told him that !! And he feels shy about that !!! (That should be a good sign :)) !

Subjectivity Cycle !

Using the various RDI objectives that our consultant has given us, DW and I have abstracted it out to various phases of "Subjectivity development" - ie start with the concept of subjectivity and then the way forward on it. This would, hopefully, increase the DS's awareness of Subjectivity in others: how different people (and self) can perceive different based on situation, people, ecosystem, one's own experience and learning and so on and so forth.

Here is our take on how to increase subjectivity levels; moving from one to another and adding complexity as we move and model labs for each of it.
(click on the image below for higher resolution)

Time for Physics ?! :)

DS had made a couple of observations in the past week.
  1. When looking through the peep-hole on the main-door, the people and objects look smaller and distant
  2. When looked into the mirror, the (digital) 2 looks like 5. This observation was inside an elevator
I wonder if its time for us to teach him some basic physics concept ! ;) :). Seriously !! So, yesterday, DW and I brought up that peep-hole thing; and one of us explained to the other about the concave and convex lens. I'm pretty certain he did not understand the concept, but was sure he would have stored away the words. Atleast, the next time he is talked to about it, he would not be stressed by the unfamiliarity.

On mirror, DW and I played the "mirror game". That is - face each other; one be the mirror image of the other. DS intently watched this - again not sure, if he got it, but DW and I had a bit of fun playing that game !!!! :)

On Stage

About 10d ago, we had our "Apartment day" - Basically it is an annual celebration of formation of our apartment. Typically we have sports and cultural events. The sporting event starts couple of weeks earlier to the cultural.

DS was very keen that he participate in everything. He participated in sports (cycling and swimming). Of course, it was fun to watch him get onto the cycling race; and cycle normally (400m) around the apartment, completely ignoring that in the race that you need to be cycle faster. It, was in a way, sweet to watch him to do that. Then the same pattern on the swimming too.

As I had indicated in an earlier post he did sing MS's "Oli padaitha Kanninai" on stage. I do believe he did fairly a reasonable job at it, modulating as per pitch in the song (taped it and sending it to our RDI consultant). But the best was yet to come...

...The program ended with 3 girls dancing to a movie song. Towards the end of the song, whole audience of kids joined into the dance as the music played on. DS said he wanted to join the dance and ran to join the dance with all other kids on stage. His dance was jumping up and down. He paused at one point, intently watched the dance of other kids, as if he is studying their moves, then resumed his dance ! Also, captured on Video for our consultant to see!!!

It was quite cute and heartwarming to watch...