Big Boy, big thoughts !

When we go to wholesale store (Costco), we buy quite a bit of stuff. It fits into two large bags (about 15-20 pounds of stuff) and 2 small bags (5lbs each) and then miscellaneous jars. Usually I carry two large bags in either of my arm from car park to home and DS and DM carry smaller ones (and milk cartons). Yesterday, I had a right shoulder pain and DM forgot the smaller bags to the store. So we had to fill the stuff in three large bags. On coming home, DS insisted that I carry only one (in my left hand) and he'd carry two large bags. I was not certain and told him that I can come back again or he can come back again. But he insisted that I should not carry and he carried two large bags in either of his hands and walked up the stairs too. Quite a feat ! :-) Made me proud !

In his lucid situations, like carrying the bags yesterday, and when he and I go for a walk, he is just too normal! He related how he got "punished" yesterday at school and didn't go to the outing with rest of the class (forget the reason for now). But he shared with me that instead of sitting in the class, he was open and went out to the school quad and there he got to meet his friends and talk with them. And how his friend shared that he is going to be 18 etc. DS said, because he was open in spite of bad thing (that he couldn't go with rest of the class for a community outing) that happened, he saw more good things happening. I told him about the 'when a door closes another opens'. 

We feel that he is going through some severe thought process. There are highs and there are lows. Lows are tough, but I somehow feel, through this stage he will come out better on the other side of deal. We also decided to talk to an expert  once a month, just to bounce off ideas; costs us money, but I think its worth it.