Securing the future.

Like any other "special" parents DW & I always worry about securing the future for the DS. The other challenge we have is the absence of sibling. So we are not very clear or even sure how his future would look. As we prepare him for the future challenges and hopefully "train" his mind for him to be able to think dynamically and in a dynamic eco-system, we also worry about his financial future. Hopefully, RDI, Enki, SI etc etc gives him some higher chances of independent living (or "quality of life" as it is called in RDI ;) ).

On the financial side, to be very blunt, we are concerned - we cant leave him a corpus - how would he manage it ? Would he be "cheated" of his inheritance, like its shown in the movies and the ones that we get to hear in real-life too. Leaving property has the same challenge. The other one we are exploring is creating a trust, selecting trustees who could be trusted (etymology ? ;) ). Atleast, that would introduce the checks and balances and also reduce the risk of foul-play.

The other one we are looking at is couple of insurance policies - Jeevan Tarang from LIC and Mahalife Gold from Tata-AIG. Although, I'm constantly advised by my "CFO" friends, that insurance is not an investment, I'm drawn to these two schemes. You pay premium for around 10 years for a sum assured. You can take the policy on the child's name. After the completion of premium period, the policy pays a certain percent of the sum assured to the policy holder, every year (read every year), until the age of 100 ! At the completion of 100th year, the policy holder gets back the sum assured...

I'm drawn to this from one angle only - although its not a sound financial instrument - the pay-out is periodic and that I think is a good inhibitor to complete swindling ! I could be afflicted with paranoia perhaps, but its about securing the child's future... a special one at that !

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