Questions, questions...

As I had mentioned in the previous post on how he has lucidity when he is engaged and not anxious - here are some of the questions he has asked us.......

1. Before mixer and grinder what  did people use ?
2. Before electricity was there how were the dosai made ?
3. Why factory smoke comes?
4. Why does his teacher ask DS, in recycle factory to stay close to him (the teacher) always?
5. Why if someone comes to SSA they will have a car?
6. Why poor people also go to foreign countries?
7. why earlier transportation was slow, now it is fast - what makes is faster and faster?
8. Why population gets more?
9. Why family gets bigger and bigger?
10. why we cant give up one person for another person?

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Anonymous said...

Did you discuss how you and athe vent your anger and ask him his way and try it the next time... He likes music, maybe that can be soothing... A2