Conserved !

So we had our first brush with the courts in the US.

As the DS turned 18, we had applied for the limited conservatorship for the kid and had got it secured. It was pretty simple and straight forward process, costed a packet (with lawers :-)), but got it done, as we stood in front of the judge; who ready out the docket # and the case name and said "the court accepts the plaintiff's request"... And we are done !

We still continue to be in charge of our kids finance, medical treatment, his choice of living location et al...

Personally, I had mixed emotion - while one part of me was relieved that we have safeguarded DS' risk and exposure; while the other part explored the what-if scenario - isn't the 18 the time that parent's look forward as their child(ren) step bravely in to the world as independent adults?

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