Of Dosas and ability to write !

We have not blogged for a while - while life moves on,  we too discover new things to work with DS, I believe we had written earlier about having a tutor come home and work with DS. This tutor has been working with DS for nearly an year now and the things have settled into a nice rhythm (or routine, depending on the perspective :-))

The tutor himself is not very structured, but we do believe that is the same reason DS likes him quite a bit - they have very conversational classes - the tutor goes from writing a story to science to math to history or just plain vocabulary - he is also letting DS express his interest and then gently pilots the class through.

There is one thing that we hit upon; since DS believes just 2hr/week is studies :-) and nothing else needs to be done, we were asking the tutor to give him some home-work. That has been initiated. There are some topics that the tutor would teach DS and then ask him to write about it. DS typically likes to make powerpoint.

For the powerpoint, we have invented a structure (called DOSA - his favorite dish)
D - Description - a short description of what the subject is, what it  is, et al
O - Origins of the subject - where did it start, how et al
S - Status - the current status of the subject - what it has become, dead/alive, et al
A - Analysis - his own opinion about the subject - where he writes what he thinks

This seems to work - also, it has given him some structure to write/talk more than a couple of sentences about anything and 'get it done'.

Here is an example that he did on Feudal system - still work in progress, but it is a start !!

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